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Book Review of How to Make a Million — Slowly by John Lee

The full title of this book is How to Make a Million — Slowly: My Guiding Principles from a Lifetime of Successful Investing by John Lee. John Lee, or Lord Lee of Trafford, wrote the My Portfolio column in the Financial Times for 14 years. He was a Conservative MP for Nelson and Colne from 1979 to … Continue reading

Book Review of Market Evaluation and Analysis for Swing Trading by David Nassar and William Lupien

The full title of this book is Market Evaluation and Analysis for Swing Trading: Timeless Methods and Strategies for an Ever-Changing Market by David S. Nassar and William S. Lupien (2004). David Nassar founded MarketWise (now defunct, old CXO review here), and William Lupien is the former chairman and CEO of Instinet. Two things that I picked … Continue reading

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