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Primer on Auditing

Objectives Obtain reasonable assurance that the financial statements are free from material misstatements. Financial statements are prepared in accordance with the applicable GAAP. Responsibilities of Auditors Responsible to the company, and to its shareholders as a class for the purpose of providing information relevant to making their decisions as owners of the company. Not responsible … Continue reading

Trading Hours of U.S. Stock Index Futures

The hours are stated on the CME Group’s website here. Just wanted to note down some quick time zone conversions here. There will be some slight changes due to daylight savings as it flips/flops, the timings below are as of the time of writing of this post. Chicago Time (CST) Sunday 5.00pm to 3.15pm CST … Continue reading

How to Read the Technical Strength of a Stock from the Charts

Came across this series of 10 educational articles from Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) on “How to Spot a Fine Chart”. Link here. This is a great set of articles, short and to the point. To be able to quickly assess how good or bad the technical action of a stock is, is critical for swing … Continue reading

Getting a Target Price with O’Neil’s P/E Expansion Method

In Chris Kacher and Gil Morales’s presentation on Pocket Pivots and Buyable Gap-ups, an audience member mentioned about William O’Neil’s P/E expansion method to get a growth stock’s target price. I looked that up and found it mentioned in a few articles on (the website of William O’Neil’s Investor’s Business Daily). Basically, IBD’s research … Continue reading

Pocket Pivots and Buyable Gap-Ups

This post covers two buy techniques from Chris Kacher and Gil Morales. They have presented this technique at multiple places, a sample copy of their presentation can be found here. There is a lot more information on the two techniques at their website (, especially at the FAQ section. Pocket Pivots Idea and Characteristic Institutions … Continue reading

U.S. Still in a Secular Bear Market

Came across two interesting pieces from Barry Ritholtz today. A presentation that he made on May 23, 2012 in a UBS Investment Conference which he has kindly shared. Link: Key Points U.S. is still in a secular bear market, we are over halfway in a rebound rally, once that rally tops, the next correction is … Continue reading

Adjustments to U.S. Trading Curbs

Bloomberg has an article here on adjustments to U.S. trading curbs starting Feb 4, 2013 for a one-year pilot period. Single Stock Circuit Breaker Current System Stocks will be halted when they rise or fall at least 10% in 5 minutes. Updated System Trades will not be allowed to take place at a specified percentage … Continue reading

Short Selling Techniques from Chris Kacher and Gil Morales

I just watched this video from TradingPub where Chris Kacher and Gil Morales presented on “Short-Selling Principle & Technique” on April 9, 2012. This is a great 1-hour presentation on short selling, would recommend everyone to watch it. Gil Morales also co-authored a book with William O’Neil titled How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short. I … Continue reading

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