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Book Review: New Era Value Investing by Nancy Tengler

Rating: Average Background: Some book that I picked up when I got the Dollar Crisis book (see previous review) Detail: Explains author's stock selection methodology using Relative Dividend Yield (RDY) and Relative Price-to-Sales-Ratio (RPSR) and 12 other qualitative/quantitative factors. Points: RDY = Stock dividend yield / Market index dividend yield, where Market index dividend yield … Continue reading

Book Review: The Dollar Crisis by Richard Duncan

Rating: Good Background: Book that I picked up to better understand the macroeconomic situation, especially with all the talk about impending dollar collapse. Detail: Argues that the US dollar will crash very soon. Very good explanatory graphs and charts, good reference for what to look at for macroeconomic predictions. Good book to own. Points: The … Continue reading

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