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Why Play for the Big Swings (a.k.a. Why Intraday Trading is Really Tough)

I just wrote some thoughts on longer-term trading vs. short-term intraday trading in my earlier book review. I think the points are good for a standalone post, so I have pasted the content below. I have recently switched my focus from intermediate term swing trading to intra-day futures trading, and the more I delve into … Continue reading

Book Review of Stock Market Technique Number Two by Richard D. Wyckoff

This is the 2nd volume of Stock Market Technique by Richard D. Wyckoff. The book review for the 1st volume can be found here (link). This 2nd volume captures the articles published in the magazine Stock Market Technique from August 1933 to July 1934, inclusive. My comments for this book are similar to my comments … Continue reading

Book Review of Trading Rules That Work by Jason Alan Jankovsky

The full title of the book is “Trading Rules that Work: The 28 Essential Lessons Every Trader Must Master” by Jason Alan Jankovsky. It is a difficult task to write a trading book that caters to traders in general because there are so many different ways that people have found to trade profitably. I would … Continue reading

Underlying Principles of Swing Trading

I was reading this book “New Thinking in Technical Analysis: Trading Models from the Masters”, edited by Rick Bensignor. It contained a number of interesting articles contributed by various experts in their various area. The first article contributed by Linda Raschke is particularly excellent. It is a great summary of swing trading, its key principles, … Continue reading

Book Review of How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short by William O’Neil with Gil Morales

This is another book by William O’Neil, this time specifically on the topic of short selling. I like how this thin volume delivers the main points in less than 40 pages, followed by about 150 pages of examples with colour charts which can make for many hours of study. The book gives very good points … Continue reading

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