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Volume Analysis and Thoughts on Tape Reading

Saw an article on Volume Analysis posted on T2W. It has some good points and also gives me an opportunity to jot down my thoughts on tape reading. These are by no means definitive, so feel free to post any comments if you think that they are not correct. Some key points: Institutions mark up prices … Continue reading

Filtering Tick Data by Trade Sizes No Longer Relevant

There is an article here (Tick by Tick Volume Analysis – Updated!) that shows that statistics that filtering tick data by trade sizes is no longer relevant. Previously traders might filter data to focus on trades with large sizes to focus on “big players that move the markets”. However with modern technology, large orders are … Continue reading

Tape Reading Tips from Linda Raschke

I came across this article by Linda Raschke on Tape Reading which had some good takeaways. There is a good summary sentence: In conclusion, tape reading is not watching every trade that passes by (a monotonous task) but rather keeping an eye out for unusual impulsive action, unusual volume, or just observing the way the … Continue reading

Book Review of You Can Still Make It In The Market by Nicolas Darvas

This is the 3rd book I’ve read written by Nicolas Darvas. Readers should read the earlier review on Darvas’ first two books here: The Darvas Box Trading System by Nicolas Darvas before reading this post. This book, You Can Still Make It In the Market, was written by Nicolas Darvas after his experiences in 1975, when … Continue reading

Mark Crisp’s $6 Million System

I recently came across an article on Mark Crisp’s system by which he purportedly made $6 million. His method is to find a stock that you believe will increase its price by 10x over the next few years. Fundamental Look for killer products, e.g. Crocs., try out the products yourself Check that the company have … Continue reading

Book Review of Stan Weinstein’s Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets

I first learnt about this book from David Ryan’s reading list quoted in Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards. This is a good book in many aspects: It presents simple concepts in an organized manner with lots of examples There are quiz questions at the end of each chapter to test your understanding It presents a complete … Continue reading

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