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Tom DeMark’s Sequential™ System

Was reading about Tom DeMark’s Sequential™ System after reading about his call on CNBC that Apple has bottomed on January 15, 2013 when his system had a reading of 13. Brief summary of what I gathered. The system has 3 sequential stages: TD Price Flip Buy setup Close > close 4 bars ago Sell setup … Continue reading

Fight in Herbalife (HLF) Among the Big Boys

Was reading a bit about the fight going on in Herbalife (HLF) among Bill Ackman, Carl Icahn, and Dan Loeb, pretty interesting. Chronology from what I can make out July 2011: Ackman received a tip from Christine Richard, a former Bloomberg News reporter who wrote a book on Ackman’s MBIA short around July 2011 that … Continue reading

Never Initiate a Directional Bet Close to an Earnings Announcement

I just came across this CNBC video (link here) where Tom DeMark called a bottom in Apple (AAPL) on January 15, 2013 (AAPL was trading around 483-499 that day). Tom DeMark is a famous creator of a set of market timing indicators that are being used by hedge funds and traders (link here). AAPL Top Call … Continue reading

Book Review of Stock Market Technique Number One by Richard D. Wyckoff

This is a nice little book containing a collection of articles written by Richard D. Wyckoff that were originally published in the Stock Market Technique magazine from March 1932 to July 1933, inclusive. Wyckoff initially published his articles under The Ticker magazine. He had then owned and published under The Magazine of Wall Street, which he sold to The … Continue reading

Rescuing a Losing Stock Position By Using Options to Lower Break-even Level

Just came across an interesting webinar to be hosted by IB and presented by CBOE, titled “The Stock Repair Trade” (link here). It basically introduces a strategy where you use options to lower your break-even price by collecting premium selling near out-of-the-money calls (i.e. giving up the upside). By doing so, you give up your … Continue reading

Difference Between Stop Orders and Market-If-Touched Orders

I noticed that Interactive Brokers have two types of orders that seem to be the same, namely stop orders and market-if-touched orders. Found a good blog entry (link here) that highlighted the difference. Basically two scenarios If you are looking to buy If trigger price > current price, use a stop order If trigger price … Continue reading

Using the TICK / TICKQ Index

Definition NYSE TICK Index = Number of NYSE stocks on an uptick – Number of NYSE stocks on a downtick The TICKQ Index is the NASDAQ equivalent. The TICK belongs to a class of indicators known as market breadth indicators, which measure statistics on the market as a whole rather than on specific instruments. Usage … Continue reading

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