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Futures Trading Tips from Mark Oryhon

Came across a chat transcript on Elitetrader where Mark Oryhon from Velocity Futures in August 2003 gave some tips on futures trading (link here). There are a number of good tips and nuggets that Mark gave. I especially like the tips on plotting your entries / exits using colored lines on a chart, and scratching … Continue reading

Options Expiry and Max Pain

Read an interesting blog post (link here) that highlighted two nuances about options expiry While options stop trading at 4pm on the 3rd Friday of the month, they technically expire only at 12 noon on Saturday. Brokers have their own policies on automatically exercising options that are ITM.However note that since stocks still continue trading … Continue reading

Futures Contracts for Major Stock Markets

I’ve been doing a bit of research on the common futures contracts traded around the major markets. Have listed what I found below, and will add to it as I dig up more information. This post is mainly meant for my own reference as I try to narrow down the contracts that are good to … Continue reading

Doomsayers Are Out In Force!

Following my last blog post about the market scheduled to go down, I was just watching CNBC today and it seems like all the doomsayers are out in force! Doug Kass (Seabreeze Partners Management) Earnings quality are lousy S&P can go to 1400 Investors should raise cash. Byron Wien (Blackstone) S&P goes to 1300 The … Continue reading

Inflation Adjusted DJIA and Secular Stock Market Cycles

I was looking for websites that show inflation adjusted U.S. stock indices, and came across this one that supposedly updates once a quarter (link here) [if anyone knows of such a website that updates frequently, do let me know!]. This one showed a comparison of the inflation-adjusted DJIA starting from year 2000 with the secular bear … Continue reading

ETFs on Europe

Was reading some info on ETFs on Europe, might be something good to monitor to get a sense of the price action in European equities. I have categorized some of the ETFs below. If you look through a couple of their charts, you would see that many of them have bounced off the same bottom … Continue reading

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