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Warren Buffett’s Investing Advice for the Non-Professional

I ended my last post with quotes from Warren Buffett’s latest annual letter to Berkshire’s shareholders. I figured its better to put them in a separate post here. HOW BUFFETT INVESTS Estimate Long-Term Earnings, Buy with a Margin of Safety When Charlie and I buy stocks – which we think of as small portions of … Continue reading

Investing Advice from Mark Cuban

Some time ago I was watching some interviews and articles on Mark Cuban‘s advice on investing. He has unconventional advice, which I actually agree wholeheartedly with. One main point is that he holds cash and only deploys it when he has an advantage. This resonates with Warren Buffett’s style of investing of waiting and preparing … Continue reading

Summary of Textbook Business Concepts, Models, and Strategies

SITUATION ANALYSIS Macro-Environment Analysis PESTEL Political Economic Socio-cultural Technological Environmental protection Legal Industry and Sector Analysis Michael Porter’s 5 Forces Bargaining power of suppliers Bargaining power of customers Threat of new entrants to the industry Threat of substitute products or services Rivalry amongst current competitors in the industry Competitive Advantage of Nations Michael Porter’s diamond … Continue reading

Best Advice I Ever Got

Just came across a very interesting video series in CNN Money. Its a series of video clips of a few minutes each where famous people share the best piece of advice they have. Link here. Some interesting ones are: Business Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix: Strategy is not about what you are doing, it is … Continue reading

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