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Book Review of Super Stocks

Heard about Kenneth L. Fisher pioneering the Price/Sales ratio a couple of times, so decided to pick up his book “Super Stocks” (Reissued Edition of the 1984 Investing Classic). This is an interesting book, in the camp of ‘growth stock investing’. I think there are growth companies, and there are growth stocks. Everyone wants to … Continue reading

Book Review of 20/20 Money: See the Markets Clearly and Invest Better Than the Pros

“20/20 Money: See the Markets Clearly and Invest Better Than the Pros” is written by Michael J. Hanson (Fisher Investments Press). The book goes through a lot of theory on neuroscience, human behaviour, biology, etc. and tries to apply them to the investing. While these can be interesting, I would much rather get to the … Continue reading

Analysing Banks: Notes from Interview with Brian Johnson

Some notes on analysing banks from the interview with Brian Johnson (Australia’s #1 banking analyst and head of research at Ord Minnett) in the Super Analysts book. Banking Cycles Being a good bank analyst isn’t about stock picking, it’s the actual sector call. You become a good analyst when you become aware that there is … Continue reading

Mark Mobius on Diversification, Market Timing, and Valuation

There are some good quotes from Mark Mobius in his interview in the Super Analysts book as follows. On Diversification Well, diversification really saved us, because it saved us from many of our mistakes. In this business, you are going to make mistakes, no matter how lucky or how smart you may be… For example, … Continue reading

Book Review of Warren Buffett and The Art of Stock Arbitrage

This book¬† “Warren Buffet and The Art of Stock Arbitrage: Proven Strategies for Arbitrage and Other Special Investment Situations” is written by the Mary Buffett & David Clark combination. Their Buffettology book was not bad, though it did not reach the popularity of Rule #1 by Phil Town (which came later and was similar to … Continue reading

Sir John Templeton’s 16 Rules for Investment Success

Sir John Templeton’s 16 Rules for Investment Success If you begin with a prayer, you can think more clearly and make fewer mistakes. Outperforming the market is a difficult task. The challenge is not simply making better investment decisions than the average investor. The real challenge is making investment decisions that are better than those … Continue reading

Book Review of The Entrepreneurial Investor: The Art, Science, and Business of Value Investing

This book “The Entrepreneurial Investor: The Art, Science, and Business of Value Investing” is written by Paul Orfalea, Lance Helfert, Atticus Lowe, and Dean Zatkowsky of West Coast Asset Management (WCAM). They are the co-founder, co-founder and President, Chief Investment Officer, and former Vice-President of Marketing at WCAM respsectively. In particular, Paul Orfalea is the … Continue reading

Book Review of The Little Book That Saves Your Assets

“The Little Book That Saves Your Assets: What the Rich Do to Stay Wealthy in Up and Down Markets” is written by David M. Darst, who is a very famous figure in asset allocation. He is a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and serves as Chief Investment Strategist of its Global Wealth Management Group. This … Continue reading

Book Review of The Little Book of Main Street Money

I like the Little Book Series. The first one I picked up was the Little Book That Beats the Market by Joel Greenblatt, which was a good read. I think most books nowadays are filled with too much filler words, and the actual real content can probably be shrunk to less than 100 pages. That’s … Continue reading

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