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Article Summary: Secret Fears of the Super-Rich

Just read this article published by The Atlantic (link to original article here) titled Secret Fears of the Super-Rich. The article wrote about results from a survey of the wealthy conducted by Boston College’s Center on Wealth and Philanthropy. Most of the respondents have at least $25 million in assets, meaning that they pretty much have complete financial security. … Continue reading

Name of the Game From The Wolf of Wall Street

There is a scene in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street where Matthew McConaughey (playing Mark Hanna) explains to Leonardo DiCaprio (playing Jordan Belfort) how the brokerage business works. I find this scene excellent in explaining how much of the trading business works. Here’s the YouTube video: And here’s the transcription of the key bits: Jordan Belfort I … Continue reading

Book Review of Time the Markets by Charles Kirkpatrick

The full title of this book is Time the Markets: Using Technical Analysis to Interpret Economic Data by Charles D. Kirkpatrick, II, CMT (Revised Edition, 2012). This is a nice short volume coming in at ~180 pages, with large fonts and small book dimensions. I always prefer books with these characteristics because I believe most things can … Continue reading

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