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Book Review of The Big Secret for the Small Investor by Joel Greenblatt

I always love reading books by Joel Greenblatt. His books are pretty short and concise which is how I like it, and his first book “You Can Be a Stock Market Genius Even if You’re Not Too Smart” is by far the best book on investments that I have read so far. His 2nd book on … Continue reading

Book Review of Follow the Fed to Investment Success

Some time ago, I came across a book “Follow the Fed to Investment Success: The Effortless Strategy for Beating Wall Street” by Doug Roberts. The book is a very quick read because there is only one main concept. The idea is interesting, though I would have preferred if the book is made much more concise. … Continue reading

The Long-Term Bonds Conundrum for Insurance Companies

I recently came across an article posted on GuruFocus here, quoting a lot from Buffett’s letter to shareholders on the accounting of insurers. Initially I thought the quotes came from the latest Chairman’s letter, after some googling, I realised the quotes came from Buffett’s 1980 Chairman’s letter here. I would think that the accounting standards would … Continue reading

Investing and Trading Rules

I recently came across two sets of “investing rules”. I think after investing for some time, every one tends to come up with their own set of investing or trading rules. I previously wrote about John Templeton’s 16 Rules for Investment Success. This post captures one set from Bob Farrell (Merrill Lynch chief market strategist … Continue reading

Book Review of The Conscious Investor by John Price

I haven’t been writing new posts for quite some time, though I have been learning a lot during these past few months but have not found time to sit down to record my learnings. Regardless, I picked up this book recently by John Price, titled “The Conscious Investor: Profiting from the Timeless Value Approach”. This is … Continue reading

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