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Book Review: How Technical Analysis Works by Bruce Kamich

Rating: Mama desu. Background: This is a follow-up from my interest in Technical Analysis after reading about the 3 tools (MACD, Slow stochastics, SMA) recommended by Phil Town to be used in conjunction with fundamental analysis. Key Points: The logic of the technical approach The market discounts everything (i.e. it is forward-looking)  Prices move in trends … Continue reading

Book Review: TrimTabs Investing by Charles Biderman

Rating: Mama desu. Background: Got interested in reading this book because of its title TrimTabs Investing: Using Liquidity Theory to Bat the Stock Market with the concept of using supply/demand to help in investing. Key Points: Building blocks of liquidity analysis L1 – Change in net trading float of shares L2 – U.S. equity mutual … Continue reading

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