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Long-Term vs Short-Term Investing

Which is better? It seems that everyday we are bombarded with news of so-and-so company's stock that went up 20-40% in one day. And so many times you feel like kicking yourself saying "Why did I miss that?" Hence the question: Is there really an opportunity in short-term trading? or is it just statistics playing … Continue reading

Book Review: How to Think Like Bejamin Graham and Invest Like Warren Buffett

Rating: Below Average Background: 3rd book in my attempt to devour all books Buffett. In case you're wondering, 4th book will be "Trade Like Warren Buffet", followed by "The Warren Buffett Way" and the final finale is "Essays of Warren Buffett" Detail: Not much real substance as to how to pick stocks, but still some … Continue reading

Book Review: Wall Street on Sale by Timothy Vick

Rating: Average Background: 2nd book in my recent attempt to devour all books on Buffett. Detail: Few new ideas, but some noteworthy points below. Thought-provoking items: Made a distinction between Market value, Intrinsic value, Book value, Liquidation value Made a good argument for value-based, long-term investing. Had tables which showed that if you buy/sell at … Continue reading

Book Review: Buffettology

Rating: Excellent Background: I’ve had this copy of Buffettology by Mary Buffett and David Clark for what must have been 5 years. Its one of those books that you tell yourself that its a good book to read someday but never ever got around to reading it. I had been thinking about the problem of … Continue reading

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