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Book Review of Unexpected Returns by Ed Easterling

The full title of this book is “Unexpected Returns: Understanding Secular Stock Market Cycles” by Ed Easterling. How I came across this book in the first place was when I was looking into the relationship between stock market returns and a number of other factors, such as interest rates, inflation, earnings, dividend yield, unemployment, GDP, … Continue reading

Book Review of How to Trade in Stocks by Jesse Livermore

This is a book written by Jesse Livermore which was published in 1940, with new material added by Richard Smitten. The full title of the book is “How to Trade in Stocks: The Classic Formula for Understanding Timing, Money Management, and Emotional Control”. This is a terrific book on trading. It totally changed my view … Continue reading

Value Investing Philosophy of Ron Burkle

I recently came across a Bloomberg BusinessWeek article on Ron Burkle, a billionaire that wanted to take over Barnes & Noble. The link to the article is here. He seems to be a private equity-type investor with similarities to Warren Buffett. He likes to take controlling stakes in private companies and makes money by flipping … Continue reading

Book Review of Trading From Your Gut by Curtis Faith

This is a book by Curtis Faith who got famous as a “Turtle Trader” specializing in swing trading. The full title of this book is “Trading from your Gut: How to Use Right Brain Instinct & Left Brain Smarts to Become a Master Trader”. In a nutshell, this book makes the point that while you … Continue reading

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