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Intraday Trend Trading Maxims (a.k.a. The Art of Train Catching)

The Basics

  1. First, check the direction the train is travelling.
    • It must be clear to all professional train catchers. If it is unclear, that means that if you board the train, you have no good idea where you’re going. Why board the train at all?
  2. Wait at a safe platform to hop on board the train.
    • Don’t be afraid of the train’s incoming momentum.
    • Be grateful that the train is coming by to let you hop on.
  3. Know which station you are going to alight before you board the train
    • The station must be a prior station that the train had gone past before. That is the way you know that the hijackers have taken over.
  4. Get off when you find that you’ve just gone past a previous station.
    • This tells you that the hijackers have overwhelmed the driver and have taken over the train.
  5. If you’re on a speeding train, don’t get left behind.
    • So buckle your seat belt and sit tight.
    • It is very normal to experience turbulence in your train ride as the driver has to continually fight off any hijackers.
    • Even if the train hasn’t yet moved away after you alighted, you might find the platform and cabin too packed to get back on board.
  6. Don’t stand in front of a speeding train.
    • It won’t be pretty.
  7. Don’t chase after a speeding train.
    • You will find yourself out in the middle of nowhere and far away from the previous train station.
    • And if you are unlucky enough to be besieged by hijackers along the way, it is a long way back to the previous station.
  8. Train catching is a tough business.
    • If you get distracted reading your magazines or books while waiting at the platform, you might find yourself out of business fairly soon.

Safety Instructions

  1. When trains keep getting hijacked, it is better not to take the train at all.
    • Go take a walk instead.
  2. You need to keep abreast of the latest security situation in the region you are travelling.
    • If there have been recent incidents of train hijackings nearby in the direction you are travelling, it is better to wait to take the train in a safer region.
  3. Look around the station for other passengers.
    • It is safer to take the train when there are more passengers around.
    • When there are too few passengers, low-grade hijackers might be tempted to make their moves.
  4. Trains come and go every day.
    • Errors of omission are better than errors of commission.
    • It is far more important to catch a right train than to catch any train that could be right. If you get on board a train in the wrong direction, it is that much more lost ground that you have to recover to get to your intended destination.

Advanced Train Catching

  1. Grab your freebies!
    • Sometimes the train goes back to a platform where the ticket charge for boarding is almost free. Ask a friend over. It’s hard to go wrong with a free trip.
    • How you recognize the platform is when you see lots of scary pictures on the walls. Ignore the pictures, grab the freebie while stocks last!
  2. If you are feeling adventurous, get a friend on board when the train makes its pit stops.
    • On longer train journeys, typically the train makes a few pit stops along the way during which you can call a friend over.
    • However two’s company, three’s a crowd.
  3. There is a phenomenon where trains may suddenly accelerate in one direction
    • You can grab on to the train handles and hope to get pulled along for a speedy ride, however you need to get off quickly once the train slows else you may be caught by the conductor.
  4. When trains move too far too quickly, their engines might overheat.
    • That typically leads to a sudden slowdown in momentum and a train reversing its direction for a while as its engines cool down.
    • Hence it is possible to catch a short ride in the opposite direction, and I do emphasize short, since it is difficult to ascertain how fast the engines cool.




One thought on “Intraday Trend Trading Maxims (a.k.a. The Art of Train Catching)

  1. Awesome have very deep sense practical life experience.after reading i understool lot of my mistake i hv done in past.

    Posted by madan kumar | August 21, 2015, 3:10 pm

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