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Survey of Popular Technical Indicators

Came across this interesting article at BigTrends which showed the results of a survey on chart types and indicators used by traders.

Chart Types

  • Line:  49%
  • Bar: 27%
  • Candle: 22%
  • Log: 3%

This one was surprising to me. I would have thought that the “winner” would be candlesticks since I see that all over the place. I personally prefer using bar charts. I suppose that the players using line charts are longer-term players probably looking into fundamentals as well.

The survey also showed that 70% of traders don’t use intraday charts. I have found intraday charts pretty useful as it shows the fighting between demand and supply at various levels. Again it looks like most traders are more interested in the bigger picture.


  • RSI: 44%
  • MACD: 22%
  • Bollinger Bands: 12%
  • Stochastics: 9%
  • Directional Movement Index (DMI): 5%
  • Ichimoku: 5%
  • Volume at Time: 3%

MACD and BB are obvious winners. Since RSI and Stochastics are both momentum oscillators, it is interesting to see that RSI is much more popular compared to Stochastics.




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