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ETFs on Europe

Was reading some info on ETFs on Europe, might be something good to monitor to get a sense of the price action in European equities. I have categorized some of the ETFs below.

If you look through a couple of their charts, you would see that many of them have bounced off the same bottom made in May 2010, October 2011, and most recently June 2012, and are on an uptrend once more.

In particular, the uptrend starting from the swing low made on November 16, 2012, looks relatively decent. In terms of length, counting from June 2012 would make it 7 months old, while counting from November 16, 2012 makes it ~2.5 months old.

The move in the European stock market has also been mirrored by the move in the EUR/USD exchange rate (e.g. look at FXE). All these mean that the market is still betting on the European recovery right now.

Large caps

  • FEZ – SPDR DJ Euro Stoxx 50 ETF (excludes UK)
  • EZU – iShares EMU Index Fund (excludes UK), more diversified
  • FEU – SPDR DJ Stoxx 50 ETF (includes UK)
  • VGK – Vanguard European ETF
  • IEV – iShares S&P Europe 350 Index Fund ETF

Small caps

  • DFE – WisdomTree Europe Small Cap Dividend Fund


  • FDD – First Trust DJ Stoxx European Select Dividend ETF


  • GUR – SPDR S&P Emerging Europe ETF


  • GERJ – Market Vectors Germany Small ETF
  • GREK – Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF
  • GXF – Global X FTSE Nordic Region ETF
  • NORW – Global X Norway ETF
  • EWK – iShares MSCI Belgium Capped Investable Market Index Fund
  • EWL – iShares MSCI Switzerland Index Fund
  • EWO – iShares MSCI Austria Investable Market Index Fund
  • EWG – iShares MSCI Germany Fund


  • FXE – CurrencyShares Euro Trust
  • ULE – ProShares Ultra Euro (2x)
  • EUO – ProShares UltraShort Euro (2x inverse)




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