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Tracking Institutional Funds Movements in Your Stocks

I subscribe to a few websites such as and to receive email alerts whenever there are filings related to stocks I am interested in. I just realized that doing so does not allow you to track changes in institutional fund ownership in your stocks.

Both services pick up filings where the subject or the filer is the company, but they do not seem to have an option to pick up other filings which contain your stock, such as the 13F filings from institutional funds listing their holdings.

There are two services which I find useful in this regard:

  1. MSN Money shows the holdings of the top few institutions, mutual funds, and 5% owners. Example here.
  2. MFFAIS (Mutual Fund Facts About Individual Stocks) shows activity by institutions big or small (based on 13F filings), as well as insiders. Example here.
    • Note that MFFAIS sometimes ignores filings when there is a discrepancy in the filings, usually due to mistakes by the filer. For example, if an institution files two Form 13F-HR which are different, both will be ignored.


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