Trading Hours of U.S. Stock Index Futures

The hours are stated on the CME Group’s website here. Just wanted to note down some quick time zone conversions here. There will be some slight changes due to daylight savings as it flips/flops, the timings below are as of the time of writing of this post.

Chicago Time (CST)


  • 5.00pm to 3.15pm CST (on Monday). Pre-market starts at 4.00pm CST on Sunday.

Monday to Thursday

  • 3.30pm to 3.15pm CST (the next day).
  • Break from 4.30pm to 5.00pm CST.
  • Pre-market starts at 3.25pm and 4.45pm.
  • Weekday trading ends at 3.15pm CST Friday.

New York Time (EST)


  • 6.00pm to 4.15pm (on Monday). Pre-market starts at 5.00pm on Sunday.

Monday to Thursday

  • 4.30pm to 4.15pm (the next day).
  • Break from 5.30pm to 6.00pm.
  • Pre-market starts at 4.25pm and 5.45pm.
  • Weekday trading ends at 4.15pm Friday.

London Time


  • 11.00pm to 9.15pm (on Monday). Pre-market starts at 10.00pm on Sunday.

Monday to Thursday

  • 9.30pm to 9.15pm (the next day).
  • Break from 10.30pm to 11.00pm.
  • Pre-market starts at 9.25pm and 10.45pm.
  • Weekday trading ends at 9.15pm Friday.

Singapore Time


  • 6.00am to 4.15am (on Tuesday). Pre-market starts at 5.00am on Monday.

Tuesday to Friday

  • 4.30am to 4.15am (the next day).
  • Break from 5.30am to 6.00am.
  • Pre-market starts at 4.25am and 5.45am.
  • Weekday trading ends at 4.15am Saturday.

Tokyo Time


  • 7.00am to 5.15am (on Tuesday). Pre-market starts at 6.00am on Monday.

Tuesday to Friday

  • 5.30am to 5.15am (the next day).
  • Break from 6.30am to 7.00am.
  • Pre-market starts at 5.25am and 6.45am.
  • Weekday trading ends at 5.15am Saturday.




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