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Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club

I started to watch some episodes of Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club cartoon series for kids. Each episode is less than 5 minutes. Thought I’d note down some quotes from the show as I watch them:

  1. Episode 01 – Lemons to Lemonade – Business Location
    • A retail business needs a good location to attract customers to its store. If the people won’t come to your business, bring your business to the people.
  2. Episode 02 – Car Wash Capers – Advertising
    • A good idea you can’t communicate is like winking in the dark. Every business needs to promote itself to sell products and to distinguish itself from its competitors.
    • You advertise yourself every day, in what you wear and how you treat others. Always be honest and sincere, and never lie under any circumstances. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated.
  3. Episode 03 – Walking the Dog – Having a Plan is Key
    • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Your will to prepare is just as important as your will to win.
  4. Episode 04 – Lawn and Order – Save Your Money
    • A penny saved is a penny invested for your future. Managers have to save money to buy the equipment the business needs in the future.
  5. Episode 05 – Understanding PCs – Keep it Simple
    • Don’t get involved in a business you don’t understand. If you invest in something that you don’t understand, you have no way of knowing if its a good business or not. You can’t predict what might go wrong, or what needs to be done about it if it does.
    • Try to understand another person’s point of view and be prepared to change your mind if their point of view makes good sense.
    • Learn to understand something before you do it, and think things through before you act.
  6. Episode 06 – House of Cards – Learn from Your Mistakes
    • Guessing wrong on trends can lead to trouble in business, especially if demand is based on fickle consumer sentiment. Invest in something that will always be in demand, and a business that is dependable and predictable.
    • Always be reliable, consistently friendly to others, and learn from your mistakes. Better yet, learn from the mistakes of others.
  7. Episode 07 – Debt of a Salesman – Debt can be a racket
    • If a retailer decides to borrow too much money for inventory (or in general, for expansion), he runs the risk of not being able to pay back his debt if sales are slower than anticipated.
    • The best way to pay off a debt is to never have one.
  8. Episode 08 – The Big Trade-Off – Reputation is Important
    • A business is faced with many choices, and it is important for managers doing business to evaluate the right trade-offs to be successful. You always want to invest in businesses with managers that make good decisions.
    • It’s important to make the right trade-offs so you can have a balanced life. Study every day and try to learn something that you didn’t know before.
    • Never trade your reputation for anything.
  9. Episode 09 – The Trouble With Credit Cards – Be Responsible & dependable
    • Using too much credit and getting behind on payments can be financially devastating.
    • In business, it is important for managers to be responsible and dependable, and think of the long-term consequences of any actions that are taken today.
    • If the business borrows a lot in the short term and got caught not being able to pay it back, the results can be dangerous.
  10. Episode 10 – Gotta Dance – Pursue Your Dreams
    • You don’t want to drift through life. Following your passion is the key to success.
    • If you have to work the rest of your life, you might as well be doing something you like.
    • The key to success is to be passionate about what you do, and to always have a dream.
    • A person who can’t be stopped, won’t be stopped.
  11. Episode 11 – It Takes Two – A Great Partner is Key
    • Great partnerships will make any job easier.
    • A  business requires many people to work together in order to be successful. Building good relationships and having first-rate partners is important.
    • In life, you want to be able to build strong relationships and partnerships to be successful, especially in your family.
  12. Episode 12 – Special Delivery – Outstanding Stands Out
    • One way a business can beat its competition is with superior customer service. If your service is outstanding, you’ll always stand out.
    • The rule to making a lot of friends to be respectful, nice, and to always care for others.
  13. Episode 13 – Learn Baby Learn – Learn Something Every Day
    • Be smarter at the end of the day than you were in the beginning.
    • For a business to stay competitive and last many years, managers need to constantly learn. To learn more about customers, competitors, and the constant changes that happen in the marketplace.
    • Learn to learn, to be better at what you like to do, and to be happy with yourself. And if  you are happy with yourself, others will be happy with you.
  14. Episode 14 – I Can’t Hair You – Listen to Your Customer
    • Find out what your customers want, then give it to them. Take care of your customer or your customer will take care of you.
    • A successful business does a terrific job of communicating with customers. The best ways for managers of a business to communicate is to ask questions, and to always listen. This way, a business can take care of their customer, and their customer will take care of them.
    • You should always ask why, and why not. Learn to question and listen. There is no such thing as a bad question or dumb question.
  15. Episode 15 – Cost of Demand – Share Your Knowledge
    • Prices are determined by supply and demand. If you want a bargain price, be patient, and wait for the supply to increase.
    • Share your knowledge and be lovable.
  16. Episode 16 – Why Pay More – Make Someone Feel Good
    • A brand is created by associating a product with a good experience. Advertising helps a product gain a share of the consumer’s emotional mind. People will go out of their way and pay more to buy a product because it gives them a good feeling (e.g. Coca-Cola).
    • The best thing to improve your image is to make someone feel good about themselves.
  17. Episode 17 – Tough Cookies – Never Cut Corners
    • Don’t cut corners. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.
  18. Episode 18 – All Fall Up – Try New Things
    • Failing is not falling down, it is staying down.
  19. Episodes endings:
    1. The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.
    2. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn. [Also, the more you learn, the more you’ll learn. The more you learn about things, the more insights come to you, the more  your understanding grows, etc. This is what makes learning rewarding.]


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